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For most of our adult patients we recommend Denplan Care. This is a well established programme with over 2 million patients across the country.

We have been offering this programme at The Beeches Dental Practice for over 20 years and it has proved to be very successful. We are a Denplan accredited practice and under Denplan care every patient is assessed as an individual. For a fixed monthly fee we will provided all your routine dental care using the very best methods and materials.

For 90% of our patients Denplan costs between £15.30 and £26.60 per month

Guide to private fees

New patients consultation including x-rays £90
Routine examination £45
Hygienist appointment (20 mins) £44
Hygienist appointment (30 mins) £66
Hourly rate 10 mins £45
20 mins £90
30 mins £135
Filling per tooth from £67.50 to £135
Crowns from £495
Root fillings from £290
Extractions from £112.50
Full upper and lower dentures £680
Metal partial dentures from £595 each
Acrylic partial dentures from £360 each
Sport mouthguard  
(under 18) £68
(adult) £88
Bleaching £360
Bleaching Denplan Members £310